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this is the lady hat in my terminal,
made with css and <3



CSS. Ruby. D3.js. Javascript. AJAX. APIs. Built on Rails.
Used MailChimp API to access company's email and Google Analytics data. Implemented Cron to asyncronously access data. Created UI to organize data, helping client more easily analyze campaigns. Deployed app to DigitalOcean using Dokku. Implemented customized tables using HandsOnTable, a Javascript library. Used D3.js to create bar charts of the data.

Project Path

CSS. Ruby. D3.js. Javascript. AJAX. AngularJS. APIs. Built on Rails.
Used LinkedIn API and scraper to retrieve data. Implemented RegEx to get specific data out of LinkedIn API. Created optimal JSON structure for d3.js to consume and visualize. Used OmniAuth to authenticate with LinkedIn API. Note that this project doesn't work exactly as we planned, but we learned a ton in the process. Ask me about it!

Inspirational Quotes

Ruby. Javascript. AngularJS. Built on Sinatra.
Using AngularJS to enable real-time search and filtering, this app allows you to "CRUD" your favorite quotes without refreshing the page.

Google Maps & NYC Open Data

Ruby. Javascript. Built on Sinatra.
Using relevant datasets from NYC Open Data, I utilized Google Maps API to visualize data. AJAX requests load the data asynchronously, avoiding page refresh.

Emergency Motivator

Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
Need motivation as you learn Ruby and web development? No fear. Emergency Bootcamp Motivator is here. And neither the background color nor the specific motivational quote will show twice in a row. Which is good for morale.

Is It Birthday?

Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
Do you love bad grammar and holidays? Me too. Check out this site to learn what holiday it is (or isn't). You can even pretend that it's a holiday, and maybe Ron Burgundy will show up.

Eat Like A Hobbit

CSS. Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
Hobbits eat seven meals a day. Why don't we? Well, now you can. This app can help.

Game Of Life

CSS. Forms. Ruby. Thinking.
Ah, the Game of Life. A classic problem meets a solution, and the rest is history. Enjoy.


CSS. Nokogiri. Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
Love having your music library online and listening to it on Spotify? Well YOU'RE IN LUCK. This nifty app finds the song or artist you're looking for on Spotify and loads that music up for you. Full disclosure: bugs exist, and are being fixed.


HTML Forms. Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
Want to create the character of a vegetable? Good. Take this quiz. Note the absence of CSS. You're welcome for the beauty.

Rock Paper Scissors

CSS. Ruby. Built on Sinatra.
The classic game of Rock Paper Scissors brought to your local computer. No need for another human being! Play against the computer. The suspense is killing me.

Another Portfolio

CSS. Photoshop. Illustrator.
I made this site before Flatiron, and it probably helped me get into the program! Thank you, site.

About Me

I am currently studying web development at
The Flatiron School. I have also studied Studio Art and Art History, U.S. History, and Improvisational Comedy in my never-ending quest for the most lucrative career.